5 Ways The Cloud Lets You Be More Innovative

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Cloud technology is changing the game for many businesses. With a more streamlined solution for data, companies are spending more time innovating and less time troubleshooting.

There are many benefits linked to the adoption of cloud computing. Businesses have been flocking to this technology over the last few years to reduce capital expenditures, save money, and enjoy its flexibility (the list goes on). However, one of the most important benefits of the cloud, that is often overlooked, is its ability to promote innovation.

By creating an environment for businesses to easily develop and test new initiatives, the cloud is opening doors for the faster, more streamlined exchange of ideas. This makes the cloud a breeding ground for innovation.

With the competitive landscape that most businesses face, finding a way to stay ahead is a top priority. For this reason, it is a wonder why more businesses aren't taking advantage of the cloud. Because innovation is key to the continued success of any business, here are 5 reasons why moving to the cloud will boost innovation in your company:

1. Removes the stress of maintenance

The cloud, as they say, is essentially just someone else's computer. And as such, the maintenance of that computer is no longer your problem. Cloud service providers take on the burden of maintaining your systems, addressing the heating and cooling needs, and performing all required updates. You no longer loose sleep over the fear that your systems will malfunction, your SLA with your service provider identifies their uptime commitment.

Now that your IT managers no longer spend a majority of their time putting out fires, they can spend more time innovating and working on new projects. Additionally, outsourcing the maintenance of your systems to a cloud provider also means your systems are optimized to give you top functionality, meaning you can get the job done faster and more efficiently.

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2. Optimizes your processes

Speaking of optimizing, the cloud offers solutions that make your process more streamlined. Utilizing a document storage solution to find everything you need in one place can help teams work better, together. Additionally, from a sales and marketing perspective, cloud-based Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help track and analyze data, giving teams benchmarks to work from. IT teams can also spin up a sandbox environment in the cloud, providing them a platform to complete projects that may otherwise have been too expensive to attempt.

The tools and solutions that are available in the cloud open a door of opportunities for many companies. The possibilities alone are enough to inspire innovation in the curious techies at your company.

3. Allows you to connect from anywhere

A huge benefit of the cloud is mobility. Employees can access company data from anywhere in the world on almost any device. What they don't realize is that innovation is also a huge side-effect of mobility. With data at the tips of our fingers at all times, we no longer have to spend hours on end recreating the wheel. Instead, we can innovate on the wheel that has already been created. Buildings turn into skyscrapers, Air travel becomes safer and flying cars become mainstream.

The key thing that users of the cloud understand is that innovation isn't reserved for the office, it happens all around us.

4. Allows you to scale on demand

Unlike traditional on-premises solutions, the cloud doesn't put a cap on your resources. You have virtually unlimited growth capacity, giving you the ability to expand your environment at a moments notice, instead of waiting 3 months for additional hardware to be provisioned. This means that, with the cloud, your projects don't have to be put on hold due to capacity issues. You can enjoy uninterrupted innovative flow.

5. Reduces capital expenditures so more budget on innovating

One of the most important budgets for any company looking to conduct an innovative process is research and development (R&D). And, unfortunately, when the IT department needs to invest in a new rack of servers, R&D is likely the first place executives look for funds. Capital investment in IT infrastructure can not only be costly, it can inhibit innovation for your business.

With the cloud, capital expenditures become operational expenditures and are significantly reduced. This means that your company has a larger budget that can be dedicated to innovating, instead of purchasing and maintaining expensive machines.


The bottom line is that not making the shift to the cloud could be costing your business in a big way. Not just in capital expenditures, but in lost opportunity to innovate. Companies who utilize cloud technology are enjoying a significant competitive advantage when it comes to innovation. Do your business a favor and start migrating to the cloud, you won't regret it!


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