3 Reasons Why SD-WAN and Hosted PBX are a winning combo

      Posted by Sydney Boman on Jul 5, 2017 9:30:22 AM

      SD-WAN and Hosted PBX Use caseIn today's world, technology continues to grow and evolve to meet present day needs, often in ways that would have surprised us even a decade ago. SD-WAN is one of those relatively recent developments, making what was once an expensive and complex mess (Wide Area Networks) into an achievable goal for any business of any size. Today we're going to look at a few reasons why SD-WAN and Hosted PBX are a winning combo. First, let's look at:

      Why SD-WAN?

      SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) brings all the benefits of a classic WAN at a fraction of the costs - especially if one is counting the cost in headaches when it comes to modifying the WAN in any way. Called the "shiny new toy" by Gartner, SD-WAN's essentially allow businesses to run a WAN on existing, affordable hardware, keeping their business secure while making use of an extended company network spanning broad geographic range.

      Why Hosted PBX?

      Now is probably a good time to think about all the reasons you have (or are considering) hosted PBX, including reducing telecom costs, mobility, and integrated CRM. Hosted PBX gives you all the benefits of your own internal telecom without the costs of telecom servers and related hardware.

      With all of these things in mind, let's look at:

      3 Reasons Why SD-WAN and Hosted PBX are a Winning Combo:

      1. Connectivity

      A WAN or Wide Area Network is all about connectivity, especially privileged and low-cost connectivity between different branches of business. Historically, dedicated WAN's (dedicated to your business) have meant setting up your own private network with distinct hardware and dedicated lines purely for the purpose of carrying bandwidth that could only be used when communicating from within the WAN. These networks make it possible to ensure that there will always be a reliable, relatively low-cost connection between different parts of your business. With SD-WAN technology now available, this solution has really become a no-brainer with businesses who regularly have agents spread over large locations, especially if you have multiple branches and offices. Putting SD-WAN together with Hosted PBX essentially means that now wherever your employees may be at any given time, they can communicate via the telecom AND via your company's dedicated network as if they were sitting in the office next door.

      2. Scalability

      One of the key benefits of SD-WAN and of Hosted PBX is that in both technologies you have solutions which will grow and adjust along with your business. Classic solutions could make you wring your hands for months trying to decide - for example - if it will be worth it ten or twenty years from now to install that fiber optic cable and get that bandwidth you really want. With both of these solutions, the same problem comes down to a quick call, email, or text to your service provider. "I will need a lot more bandwidth next month. How much?" Especially if you anticipate your business growing and changing over the years to come, SD-WAN and Hosted PBX make the perfect pair to grow alongside you.

      3. Costs

      Last but by no means least, SD-WAN will save you money on Internet costs just as Hosted PBX will save you money on telecom costs. If you are trying to communicate across long distances often, between many of the same people, day after day, week after week, you already know the costs and headaches that can come along with negotiating with your service provider. Really, if you have enough employees spread over a wide enough geographic range to make Hosted PBX a cost-effective option, chances are pretty good that SD-WAN will save you money over the long run as well. Especially if the choice is between SD-WAN and a classic WAN, then the cost difference alone should speak for itself.

      Are you looking for the Hosted PBX solution that's right for you? Considering whether you would also like SD-WAN in an integrated package? Contact us today and see what NewCloud Networks can do for your business.


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