5 Benefits of Virtual Private Data Center

      Posted by Sydney Boman on Jun 8, 2017 11:02:00 AM

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      What is Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC)

      Imagine, if you will, a traditional data center. Racks and racks of servers, a built in cooling system, tons of electricity running, a backup generator and hours of labor to make it all run smoothly. If you're a CIO, you might be seeing a lot of dollar signs right about now. Luckily, cloud computing has made deploying a data center easy! Virtual private data center (VPDC) is a type of cloud service in which a company invests in infrastructure hosted by a private cloud vendor or service provider. The vendor then provides the entire infrastructure over the cloud.  VPDCs are typically huge cloud offerings, including a suite of enterprise-level IT resources bundled together and provided over Internet.  A complete VPDC solution contains processing, storage, infrastructure, and application and data center management software.

      The Benefits of VPDC

      Reduce Infrastructure Costs

      Though there are numerous benefits to  deploying a VPDC, one of the most notable is the fact that you do not incur the time and expense to build your own data center. Data center infrastructure costs can easily extend into the millions of dollars range, and for many companies that cost is not affordable. By investing an a VPDC your company avoids paying hefty upfront capital costs in favor of an operational cost model. 

      Maintenance Free

      Outsourcing data center services to a cloud service provider also means that you outsource the maintenance of the physical data center. This allows your company the option to employ less IT staff, spend less time troubleshooting and more time working on business critical projects. Service providers also have SLAs that ensure your data's accessibility, so you don't have to worry!

      Access From Anywhere

      With the capabilities of a cloud-deployed data center your mobile workforce has the ability to access your IT environment from anywhere, on any device!

      Easily Recover From A Disaster

      Need a disaster recovery site? No problem! With VPDC your environment can be easily failed over and recovered via the cloud. VPDC provides DR on demand, with a fast, secure and reliable connection. 


      Does the size of your environment fluctuate? Or maybe you are experiencing growth or a downsize? With VPDC you have the flexibility to scale your environment up or down according to your business needs. 

      The Bottom Line

      With costs associated with building and maintaining your own data center high and often daunting, VPDC presents a cost-effective alternative that allows your business to outsource the management and maintenance of a data center. These days, cloud computing is changing the game of technology and providing companies with faster, more agile solutions in comparison to their on-premesies counterparts. For more information on outsourcing VS managing your own data center, check out our blog post!

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