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Cybersecurity in the Cloud

Let’s face it, if you haven’t used or heard of the internet, it’s safe to say you live under a rock. About 3.5 billion people accessed the internet last year and that number is growing fast. With internet usage increasing over a number of different devices, so are cybersecurity concerns and...


Why you need Office 365 Backup for your Business


What is Office 365?

While many organizations don’t have to think  twic e about protecting on-premise data, several don’t realize that they still need to protect their Cloud data , like data from Microsoft Office 365.  Instead of running Microsoft applications themselves, businesses are... Details

How to Prepare your Business for a Flood: Hurricane Special

Photo: Flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX in 2017

The Benefits of Hosted PBX


The Cost of Downtime: Avoiding Loss and Disaster

Downtime can devastate your business. Prepare today. 

The Cost

Downtime for any business means losses in revenue, valuable time, and resources. This can leave your business vulnerable and stagnant. Routine, expected downtime can be planned for, but unplanned, spontaneous downtime can...


5 Steps to Prepare for Hurricane Season


Hurricane season is already upon us here in the United States. The frequency and severity of hurricanes will only increase in the coming months, especially August and September. Don’t get caught in the path of a storm without an established, tested, and confident plan to protect your business....

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