How to Get Replicas Offsite with Veeam Cloud Connect

      Posted by Sydney Boman on Jun 1, 2017 11:15:47 AM

      Its been proven time and again that the ROI for Disaster Recovery is met as soon as you experience an outage. It is also known that a majority of companies that face an outage without a DR strategy never fully recover from the loss of data, time and revenue. So, why is it that, knowing what we know about DR, many companies STILL do not have a DR strategy in place?

      Traditionally, the time and money that it takes to implement a DR solution have roadblocked businesses from investing in DR. Long story short -- they say it's too expensive.

      Not anymore!

      With NewCloud Replication, powered by Veeam Cloud Connect Replication, DR is made easy! Cloud computing has changed the disaster recovery game, allowing companies to build out DR solutions without having to invest in the capital intensive on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, by outsourcing DR to a cloud service provider, companies are no longer restricted by their existing IT staff and can deploy a DR solution much faster. Here's how to get your DR offsite using Veeam Cloud Connect:

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      Getting Replicas Offsite

      Get replicas offsite without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining your own infrastructure; fast, secure and reliable DR hosted in NewCloud Networks Cloud Connect repository. NewCloud Replication, powered by Veeam, delivers cloud-based DRaaS on NewCloud's Ultra-Low Latency Nationwide Network.

      NewCloud DRaaS Image.png

      How it Works

      Step 1: Add in your Virtual Infrastructure

      In order to initiate a replica job, Veeam needs to access your virtual machines. In your Backup and Replication interface, add in your virtual infrastructure.

      Replication 1.png

      Step 2: Select NewCloud Networks as Your Replication Target

      Select NewCloud Networks as your target and enter the credentials we have provided you. Your cloud repository will appear in your interface.

      replication Step 2.png

      Step 3: Set up your Replica Jobs

      The final step is to set up replica jobs. Setting up your replicas will give you the ability to fail over and fail back to and from the cloud. Once its set up, its a set it and forget it mentality, it runs on a schedule and you can easily restore entire VMs from the cloud.

      Replication Job.png

      Don't Miss Out

      Disaster Recovery is an important solution for every business and helps to avoid catastrophic data loss. Now, more than ever, is a great time to invest in an offsite disaster recovery solution!

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