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7 Ways to Prevent Data Leaks in the Cloud

High profile data breaches and leaks have brought a lot of attention to cyber security of late. With so much information now stored in the cloud, many people are naturally concerned about how to prevent data leaks. Although, in many ways, cloud storage is more secure than traditional on-site...


Top Reasons The Cloud Is More Secure

The idea of the cloud worries some people. One concern is that keeping data on remote servers will be less secure. Even people who adopt the technology often have mixed feelings about it. However, sixty-four percent of IT professionals believe the cloud is more secure. High-profile data breaches...


5 Reasons You Need a Cloud Business Assessment and Continuity Plan

No business owner wants to think about the fact that they might be struck by a disaster, natural or manmade. However, there are many disasters a business can face that may be devastating. Anything can happen, from a hurricane to a cyber attack to a key employee suddenly becoming a problem rather...


How to Navigate a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is a leading cause of downtime today and can affect any industry at any time. For this reason, it is important to be prepared and implement the proper precautions to ensure the recoverability of your data. In order to protect your business from Ransomware it is important to employ...


The ABCs of Enterprise Backup Solutions

If you're considering an enterprise backup solution for your company's data, what are some of the things you should look for? How do you know if a solution is right for you? Here are three important factors to remember, and they're as easy as ABC.


Top Seven Reasons Your Business Needs Desktop as a Service

The amount of "as a service" platforms have increased exponentially in recent years after starting with the basics like Software as a Service and Platform as a Service. Now it's expanded to an all-encompassing frontier, including "Anything as a Service."


Why You Need A Vulnerability Assessment

Every network and device on the Internet is a target. Criminal organizations and rogue individuals constantly probe every system they can find. If they discover a weakness, they can steal information, wipe out files with ransomware, and take control of computers to gain more attacking power.


5 Key Do's and Don'ts of Ransomware

Your business has been struck by ransomware, and you know you need to act fast. If you don't have a contingency plan in place for dealing with this type of situation, you may struggle with how to respond. If you haven't been struck by ransomware yet, putting together a plan of action now that...


Top 5 Reasons Moving to the Cloud Improves Cybersecurity

There was a time when businesses were cautious about moving to the cloud because of security concerns. The times have changed. Today cloud services provide better security than the average business can achieve on its premises. Here are five key reasons.


10 Proactive Steps Which Will Help You Secure Your Company's Data

There's a myth about cybersecurity, and it's potentially a dangerous one:  only big businesses experience cyberattacks.  The truth is that cybercriminals don't attack businesses because they're big—they attack businesses because they're vulnerable.  For example, many cyberattacks are automated,...

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