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The Benefits of Hosted PBX

Why businesses are moving their communication networks to the Cloud. 

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What is PBX?

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private telephone network that is commonly used in business organizations. A PBX system connects to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), allowing internal telephones to connect to shared, outside lines for making external phone calls. This allows businesses to manage communication among internal phones and communication among internal and external phones. A computer manages calls that come into the business and routes them from internal phone to internal phone depending on the number dialed.

Benefits of Cloud Communications

Cloud communications allow businesses to access voice, data, and telecommunications are hosted by a third party and accessed over the internet. This includes Hosted PBX, SIP trunking, and more. Hosted means that the hardware, in this case, PBX, is “Hosted” off-site from where the services are being used. There are several benefits to hosting PBX in the Cloud. First off, traditional PBX systems are bulky, hard to update, and expensive. Being Hosted in the Cloud allows businesses to save time on installation and management, scale up or down seamlessly, and mobilize business phones throughout the globe. Cloud Hosted PBX presents companies of any size various capabilities and features, like voice and advanced calling capabilities. Other benefits include:

  • Easy upgrade to newest technology
  • Integration across distant locations
  • No on-site hardware to manage
  • Less IT staff needed to manage communication platform
  • Protection from disaster

With Cloud Hosted PBX, you get all employees on the same phone system, all services from one provider, and can easily add extensions/lines at your convenience. Other features you have the option of utilizing include access to a virtual receptionist, music on hold, directory assistance, extension dialing, virtual office call recording, and more. Read one of our customer's cloud communications success stories here.


Why the shift to Hosted PBX?

Many companies are shifting away from their current PBX provider out of frustration, high prices, unexpected outages, failure to integrate with other software, and a lack of functionality.  In the cloud, there is access to customizable communication applications. Flexibility, customization, and cost are major reasons business are moving to the cloud for their communication needs. For businesses rapidly growing, Hosted PBX can provide a lower monthly costs and flexible solutions. For enterprises businesses, replace old PBX systems to newer versions quickly and efficiently. Looking to build a call center? Avoid the high upfront costs of doing so and move to Cloud Hosted PBX.  

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