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Preparing for the Shift to the Cloud: Three things to consider

Moving to the cloud is often a top down initiative. Your boss's boss reads an article on cloud computing and tells your boss to make cloud part of your 2017 strategy, and you become tasked with finding your company's cloud "sweet spot." When this happens, it is important to take a step back and...


How to Develop a Cloud Strategy in 4 Simple Steps

We talk to many companies everyday who are in the early stages of moving to the cloud. They have done their research and understand the benefits of the cloud, they just aren't sure where to start. They are looking for guidance in executing the shift to the cloud.


How to Decide if Cloud is Right for your Business

The cloud is a disruptive trend that has been gaining momentum for some time. However, it seems that many businesses are still confused on where cloud computing can fit in for their business initiatives. Though it may sound like a complex concept, cloud computing simply means that your data is...


10 Commonly Asked Questions About Cloud Computing

Moving to the cloud feels like a big change for some companies. Understading the ins and outs of cloud computing, and where your company can take advantage of the numerous benefits, is often a difficult task. To make the shift to the cloud easier for your business, we asked for your top...


Cloud Computing VS Cloud Storage: Back to Cloud Basics



Peace of Mind: How Cloud & Service Providers Resolve IT Concerns

Do your IT concerns keep you up at night? Fears of unexpected downtime, lost data and cyber threats can be enough for anyone to lose sleep over. With the cloud, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. Cloud service providers work around the clock to address risk areas for the cloud and...


Shift to the Cloud– Download the Decision Guide eBook

Cloud computing, a concept that is often misunderstood, is now a trending term in the IT industry. The Cloud is not a bulbous, white figure floating through the atmosphere, but rather a storage facility for all of your data here on the Earth. Those storage facilities are called data centers, and...


Choosing Cloud DR: 5 Things to Consider

When it comes to making decisions about the accessibility of your company's data, we can all agree that the higher the availability, the better. However, when downtime rears its ugly head, how can you make sure your company is back online faster? The secret lies in choosing the right disaster...


How to Develop a Mitigation Strategy

These days, it seems like there are all kinds of strategies that businesses need to implement to be successful. One that has been making a lot of waves is a mitigation strategy. Haven’t heard of it? No worries! Let us break it down for you. Below is a complete overview. And hey, if this doesn’t...


Shifting to The Cloud: 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Disruptive technologies have been changing the game in the IT world for the last decade. New trends emerge and it quickly becomes apparent that businesses need to adapt to survive. One of these disruptive technologies is cloud computing. Simply defined, cloud computing is the practice of...

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