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How to Get Replicas Offsite with Veeam Cloud Connect

Its been proven time and again that the ROI for Disaster Recovery is met as soon as you experience an outage. It is also known that a majority of companies that face an outage without a DR strategy never fully recover from the loss of data, time and revenue. So, why is it that, knowing what we...


Join NewCloud Networks at VeeamON 2017!

This month NewCloud Networks is an exhibitor sponsor at Veeam's must-attend data center availability event, VeeamON! Hosted in New Orleans, VeeamON promises to bring together over 3,000 thought leaders, subject matter experts, and IT professionals to discuss the latest in data center...


Reduce Downtime with the Cloud: 5 Ways the Cloud Helps you Stay Online

These days, downtime has become a dirty word in business. Luckily, the cloud goes a long way in reducing downtime and keeping companies online. In the event of a disaster, hosting data offsite in a cloud environment guarantees its safety. Additionally, with an ultra-low latency network, your...


How to Prevent Your Business From Getting Amazon-ed: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Outage Risk

The four-hour outage of Amazon Web Services on Monday caused thousands of websites to go down, forcing many CIOs and IT Managers to question how they can reduce their companies risk of cloud outage.


NewCloud Networks joins Veeam in offering Cloud Connect Voucher!

NewCloud Networks is a Platinum Partner in the Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Program. NewCloud is excited to announce that we will be matching Veeam's $500 coupon with a voucher of our own, to bring customers up to $2,000 off Cloud Connect Services!


Disater Recovery and Your Business: Why You Need a Plan

We all hear the horror stories of disaster: an uninsured home struck by an earthquake, an Injured child without health care, and a business destroyed by Ransomware. We all think "that won't happen to me," and instead of taking precautions to proactively secure ourselves against disaster, we...


RTO’s vs RPO’s: Do You Know the Difference?

These days, downtime is a dirty word, and staying online is the goal. However, if your company does experience downtime, setting goals for getting back online is beneficial in reducing downtime. Both essential elements of business continuity, Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point...


DR for Your Business Needs: What You Need to Know

With the importance of disaster recovery solutions to the continuity of your business, it goes without saying that decisions regarding this area of your IT environment should not be made without thought.  After all, your backup and disaster recovery system is your saving grace in the instance of...


Most Devastating Man-made Disasters Requiring Recovery Planning

When it comes to disaster recovery planning, it is important to distinguish between natural disasters and those that are man-made. Though both types of disasters are unpredictable, man-made disasters (disasters  due to human error or technological malfunctions) are, at least, avoidable....


Choosing Cloud DR: 5 Things to Consider

When it comes to making decisions about the accessibility of your company's data, we can all agree that the higher the availability, the better. However, when downtime rears its ugly head, how can you make sure your company is back online faster? The secret lies in choosing the right disaster...

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