Shifting to The Cloud: 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Posted by Matthew Fall on Oct 15, 2018 4:00:00 PM

Disruptive technologies have been changing the game in the IT world for the last decade. New trends emerge and it quickly becomes apparent that businesses need to adapt to survive. One of these disruptive technologies is cloud computing. Simply defined, cloud computing is the practice of "computing" over an internet connection. Chances are you are already using the cloud in one way or another on a consumer level. Do you use Spotify? Do you upload pictures to an internet repository like Photobucket or Flicker? Do you use social media, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? All of these are examples of cloud computing.

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Five Simple Workloads to Move to the Cloud

Posted by Cindy Lucas on May 26, 2017 3:24:29 PM
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Preparing for the Shift to the Cloud: Three things to consider

Posted by Sydney Boman on May 18, 2017 11:03:00 AM

Moving to the cloud is often a top down initiative. Your boss's boss reads an article on cloud computing and tells your boss to make cloud part of your 2017 strategy, and you become tasked with finding your company's cloud "sweet spot." When this happens, it is important to take a step back and ask your management team what they mean by "cloud." These days cloud is a very vague and broad term, and in their haste to stay abreast of key businesses practices, c-levels don't really get it either.

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Simplify your IT with Cloud Computing

Posted by Sydney Boman on Mar 23, 2017 11:11:00 AM

The beauty of cloud technology is that it has the ability to simplify your IT systems, making it easy for your business to operate. The days of spending hours trying to navigate an archaic system are behind you! Outsourcing your cloud technology can give your business more focus, allowing your employees to become more efficient. The cloud can also free up much needed storage space and allow your business the capacity to grow. The sky is the limit!

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