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Bandwidth and the Cloud

Bandwidrh and cloud software-defined wan

Cloud computing has been championed for its ability to grant businesses greater access, flexibility and capabilities when it comes to managing and storing data. But there is one potential weakness that many organizations forget to address: transport. 

Bandwidth Bottleneck

Transporting data to and from cloud platforms is both a technical and financial concern that should be addressed. Cloud computing without proper network consideration can cause bandwidth bottleneck, creating transport delays and issues. Think about it, how much data does your organization have? Not just daily, but all time. No imagine that data was all flowing to your cloud platform at once it's easy to see how cloud migrations can take a toll on the underlying network.

Overcoming Bandwidth Constraints

Cloud Service providers, like NewCloud, have mastered techniques to help reduce bandwidth strain. These techniques include:

  • Limiting the amount of data in the pipe at a time
  • Link or load balancing
  • Deduplication
  • Compression

Additionally, network solutions have emerged on the market and many companies are now fighting cloud with cloud. Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) works to reduce the complexity of networking and optimize it for cloud. SD-WAN literally chooses the path of least resistance for application transport, reducing the cost of WAN and making full use of available bandwidth. 

Why the Cloud is the Network

Don't let bandwidth constraints turn you off to cloud computing. Not only does SD-WAN work to improve connectivity and reduce network complexity, like traditional cloud solutions, SD-WAN has cost benefits that make it more attractive than competing solutions. Pair this with NewCloud's ultra-low latency network and the fact that NewCloud doesn't charge additional egress or ingress bandwidth fees and you will have a network solution you can trust. 

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Sydney Boman is the Marketing Assistant at NewCloud Networks

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